Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Noble Houses of Rebma

There are currently five Noble Houses in Rebma.
For an explanation of Royal and Court Titles, see “Titles of the Royal Court of Rebma”
For information on Rebman symbols of office, see Rebman Crown Jewels & Symbols of Office

House Cemais The House Royal. At the time of the restoration, House Cemais was a subsidiary house to the Cantrefi of Sysyllg. By 900LE House Cemais had subsumed Sysyllg and was formally recognised by the Crown as a successor House and afforded it’s own Commotery.
House Llew The House Loyal (aka The Royal Cousins). The fortunes of House Llew have been inextricably linked to House Cemais since before the reformation. Particularly renowned for martial prowess, The Commote of Llew has held the position of senior military advisor for many generations.
House Dyvd The House Honourable. Along with House Pywls, one of the oldest surviving noble houses. House Dyvd has, until recently, practiced exclusive Endogamy, which has placed the House in danger of failing.By Royal decree, nobles of House Dyvd are no longer permitted to marry or procreate within their own ranks inside of the 10th degree.
House Pywls The House Politic. Along with House Dyvdd, one of the oldest surviving noble houses. House Pywls can trace it’s nobility back to the beginning of the Interegnum Era. A strong house, whose wealth is measured in diplomatic and political ties more than assets. Two generations of the Pywls Commotery have held high ranking diplomatic positions within the court.
House Mostyn Descendents of Ievyn Tre Mostyn, who established the Mostyn Silk dynasty in the early Lion Age. A mercantile family who have retained strong trade alliances, and high positions within the Trade Council since the Industrial Rennaisance. Their petition to be recognised as an official House was submitted shortly before Queen Moins took the throne. Recently it has been hurriedly sanctioned by the Crown. House Mostyn has no filial ties to any of the other Noble Houses.


The Aflan (unclean)

Former House Aures A once extremely powerful house to rival Llew and Cemais, House Aures declined in the last century under Commote Iseult, a lady singularly unsuited to hold such high office. Historically renown for providing significant contributions to the legal profession and previously acting as the Judicial adviser to the Crown.
In the aftermath of the Vialle Throne Room Incident, House Aures has been struck from the Volumes of Peerage

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