Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Former House Aures


Aflan – “unclean”


All family of the Commotery of Aures back 4 generations are branded “aflan” – unclean, and their family names as well as titles are stripped from them. These family members are to be expelled beyond the Veil

Morgana aflan
Rhydderch aflan
Gwion aflan
Erianedd aflan
Aufryn aflan
Siencyn aflan
Ifanwy aflan
Alled aflan

  • Marriages and dalliances with “aflan” are forbidden and punishable by expulsion beyond the Veil to all parties.
  • Anyone caught sheltering or aiding a member of house Aures will face expulsion beyond the Veil.
  • House financial assets are seized by the crown and distributed among the families of the deceased.
  • Family property holdings are subsumed by the crown.
  • In an act of compassion, all males of house Aures who are not branded “unclean” are permitted to seek permission to take their father’s family names, if their father’s House will have them.
  • Otherwise, all who have matrilinal lineage to House Aures are to be expelled from the kingdom of Rebma in perpetuity, with a standing kill order issued should any citizen of Rebma cross paths with them.
  • House Aures joins house Rhosy and house Gwynt in being struck from the Volumes of Peerage.
Model/actor: Regina KingPhotographer: Kirstin Knufmann Commote Morgana of Aures

Ritual Suicide

Vialle Ioan Vialle rch Morgana


Rhydderch ap Morgana Ioan Rhydderch ap Morgana

Expelled beyond the Veil (executed)

Gwion ap Morgana - Taye Diggs Ioan Gwion ap Morgana

Expelled beyond the Veil (executed)

Erianedd rch Eilir - Vanessa Williams  ioyn Erianedd rch Eilir

Expelled beyond the Veil (executed)

Aufryn ap Fflur - Sydney Poitier  ioyn Aufryn ap Fflur

Expelled beyond the Veil (executed)


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