Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

House Cemais


The Royal Family

Motto:  সম্মানিত পূর্বপুরুষগণ এর পদাঙ্ক – In the Footsteps of Honourable Ancestry

Rebman Royal Standard Royal Standard:

Two triquetra intertwined to form three sets of three finestra and a single finestra in the middle (in reference to The Three)

The Royal Standard is used on the battlefield and in all every day heraldry as it is simpler more easily recognised than the Royal Crest.

Royal Crest:

The Three intertwined (Llewesau, Ceirw, Ddraig) in adoration of the twice intertwined triquetra, crowned or.

The Royal Crest is used during all official engagements (save the battlefield), on all official documents and all ceremonial garb.

Model Iman

Queen Moire


Cynfael Madoc ap Moins

Father of cadfael Auddolen rch Hyledd of Llew
Father of Seren rch Siwan of Dvyd


 Cynfael Llewella rch Moins

Daughter of Oberon of Amber

Drystan ap Moire - wesley snipes

Cynfael Drystan ap Moire

Son of ioyn Medrawd ap Esyllt of Dyvd
Father of cadfael Moins rch Ysbail of Pywls

Like his uncle, an enthusiastic student of medicine; specifically the study of alternative medecine from a number of Shadow worlds. Unlike his uncle, has no desire to take an active role in the men’s rights movement. The imminent discussion of changes to the Act of Succession make him deeply uncomfortable

Emrys ap Moire - robert ri'chard

 Cynfael Emrys ap Moire

An extremely intelligent individual, and exceptionally good at hiding his talents from others. Oversees the large intelligence network set up by Commote Merinon, under the sobriquet of “Halcywne”. His actual identity is known only to the Queen and the Principle Secretary.


 Cynfael Colwyn ap Moire

An infant of 12 months. Rumoured to have been fathered by Corwin of Amber.


cadfael Martin ap Morganthe

The Commotery

House Cemais Family Motto: আমরা না আনত – “We stoop not”

Originally House Cemais coat of arms was a hand holding a heart. When Ysbail of Cemais came to the throne, the arms were changed to two hands holding a crown to signify their allegiance.

Commote Merinon of Cemais

Commote Merinon of Cemais

Principle secretary to the Crown. The role is not defined formally, however, she handles all royal correspondence and determines the agenda of court meetings. She could potentially wield great influence in all matters of policy and in every field of government, both foreign and domestic. Is a strong supporter of opening new trade routes and exploration Shadow, and is very close to the heart of international affairs.Has declined the position of Pryderi on a number of occasions.

Bricen Ap Alis

Ioan Bricen ap Alis

A Lay Military Ficeriaeth in the RIF (Rebman Imperial Forces), an ecclesiastical branch of the Church of the Three, responsible for the pastoral care of those serving in the armed forces. Is delegated the daily functions of the Ficariaeth Dioscean Ordinary, who happens to be his sister.

fyrsil rch Alis - tanya wright

 Ioan Fyrsil rch Alis

Serves as the Military Ficariaeth Dioscean Ordinary to The Church of the Three.  Prior to the ascension of Queen Prydwen, the Military Ficariaeth had a status similar to that of Haspostoliadd Ficariaeths which are headed by a Hesgobyon who received authority by delegation from the Elwyn. The Haspostoliadd Constitution Ysbrydol milwrol gofal  in 256HE raised their status, declaring that the Hesgobyon who heads one of them is an “Ordinary”, holding authority by virtue of her office, and not by delegation from another person in authority, and thereby directly answerable to the Elwynery.

Aelwydd rch Merinon - Agbani Arego

Ioan Aelwydd rch Merinon

A mediocre student of law. Struggles with the expectations placed upon her by her role as heir to the Commotery. In demeanour, very pleasant, but with an undertone of desperation. She wishes to please, but frequently is not aware of how to do so.

Prydwen rch Merinon- Fatima Siad1

Ioan Prydwen rch Merinon

A Post-Doctoral Student of Political Science, Prydwen is employed at Llewod City University, and  lectures at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels for careers in politics, public service, law, and business. She is published and well on her way to obtaining tenure. A highly enthusiastic individual, her presence can dominate any room that she is in. Her sister Aelwydd finds her quite intimidating. The classic extrovert.

iowyn Aeronwyn of Cemais - Diandra Forrest.1

Annwr Aeronwyn rch Fyrsil

A highly capable and accomplished soldier.Ostensibly answerable to the Queen alone. In practice, reported directly to Commote Merinon. Her albinism is shared with her twin brother Aedfan, one of the small number of men enlisted in the military, and the only one to have received combat training by virtue of his sister’s position at court. Has received full state honours posthumously.

iowyn Aedfan of Cemais - Shaun Ross.1

ioyn Aedfan ap Frysil

Aedfan possesses a remarkable personality that was key to his success in military training. He is very ambitious and is a rare combination of will, intellect and physical vigour. At 5 ft 6 in (168 cm), he is not physically imposing but in one-on-one situations he typically has a hypnotic impact on people. He has a keen understanding of military technology and maintains strict, efficient work habits. He cheats at cards, but always repays the losses; he likes to win at everything he attempts

Has been lately withdrawn after the death of his twin sister.

Court Officials

Mahnon of Cemais - Jada Pinket smith

Pryderi Mahnon of Cemais



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