Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

House Llew


The Royal Cousins

Llew Family Motto: না সিংহ রাগান – “Irritate not the lion”

Originally the coat of arms of house Llew was a plain sword on a white background. With the ascension of Bloedwella I to the throne, House Llew was granted the first Papessy of the Temple Mount, and given leave to take one of the three divines as their house standard. The initial Lion coat of arms was an intricate knotwork pattern. The current, more stylised standard was adopted by Nimue of Llew around 1510LE to be more recognisable on the battlefield. It was not intended to be a permanent replacement for the House Arms, but was officially recognised and sanctioned in 1609LE.

Arianhrod of Llew - Pam Greir

Commote Arianhrod of Llew

From a long line of leading military and political figures in the Rebman Court. Her grandmother, Owena, was famous for her adaptive defensive style of warfare, resulting in several victories against a numerically superior force while minimising her own losses. Arianhrod’s role as military advisor to the throne is undisputed, and whilst she may engage in political stouches occasionally with Commote Drudwen of Pywlls, her word on warfare is the last the Queen will hear.

Carys rch Owena - natalie_cole

Ioan Carys rch Owena

Ioan Carys chairs the board of the Rebman Royal Military Academy, and has personally trained all Royal Bodyguards for two generations. Her contributions to defence force training practices is not insignificant. She oversaw the education of the current Commote during her formative years.

Glyndwr of Llew- djimon-hounsou

Ioan Glyndwr ap Elunedd

Father of Ioan Terfel ap Siwan of Dyvd
Father of Ioan Grwn ap Siwan of Dyvd

Alun ap Elunedd - gary dourdan (2)

Ioan Alun ap Elunedd

Elder brother the Commote, and serves as her aide-de-camp. Both Alun and Glyndwr have remarkably astute and practical minds. When once the Queen complained of an infestation of guppies in one of the glass-housed garden platforms, he advised the use of Astronotus ocellatus to alleviate the problem.

Meririona rch Arianhrod - Tiffany Hines

ioyn Meririona rch Arianhrod


Former heir to the Commotery, and ardent supporter of the Queen, even to the detriment of her own House. Her path to follow in her mother’s footsteps was an unwavering one. That she died in active defence of the crown befits her.

Mallt rch Arianhrod - Zoe Saldana

 ioyn Mallt rch Arianhrod

The current heir to the Commotery. A keen student in military academia, any ideas she may have had to remain as such and further her research and analysis of foreign and domestic military tactics have now been dashed. As heir to the Commotery, she will be expected to fill her late sister’s rather large boots.

Hyledd rch Carys - antonia thomas (2)

ioyn Hyledd rch Carys

Holds the rank of Field Marshal in the RIF (Rebman Imperial Forces). A formidable offensive tactician. Has no patience, however, with politicians. A talented sorcerer.

Leolin ap Haff - Ving Rhames

 ioyn Leolin ap Haff

An interesting, yet somewhat mercurial figure. His talents lie in design. Dabbles in conjuration and is known to employ several types of power words in his design work.

Pedr ap Haff - Michael Clarke Duncan

 iyon Pedr ap Haff

One of the first men to be permitted to join the Rebman armed forces. With the support of Madoc ap Moins, he was commissioned to the rank of ensign. His struggle to be accepted by the military establishment has paved the way for many other men to enlist or purchase commissions. The proportion of men in the services is limited to ten percent of their strength, and men do not currently serve in combat roles.

Auddolen rch Hyledd2 - Jazmine Dominique

 cadfael Auddolen rch Hyledd

Daughter of Cynfael Madoc ap Moins

Headstrong and passionate. Bears a great love for her father, and has been known to have blazing rows with her mother over the place of men in Rebman society. She has wisely chosen to hold her tongue after the recent attempted Palace Coup, probably at the request of her father.

Court Officials

Fryde of Llew - Oluchi Orlandi Elwyn Fryde of Llew

Religious advisor to the Crown, and head of the Church of the Three. Considerable political nouse, but like a spider in a web, is extremely careful how she uses it. Prior to her elevation to the Elwynery, was an avid practitioner of the arcane arts. The extent of her abilities and her specialities remain, however, unknown.



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