Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

About the game

Amber games are about family. The people you have to be nice to at dinners. The universe may be infinite, but there’s only one place that’s ‘real’, so there’s only one place where change means anything, and only one set of people whose opinions matter. You might not like them – in fact you might try to kill them every now and then – but they’re your family and you’d fight beside them to the death.

I and my country against the world.
I and my clan against the country.
I and my family against the clan.
I and my brother against the family.
I against my brother.
– Somali Proverb

Dynasty is set in a mostly canon Amber. Read Nine Princes up to the point of Eric’s coronation and Corwin’s subsequent blinding. The game will start with Erica’s first anniversary banquet. There are some tweaks and changes to canon, most notably that Eric and Julian have been gender-swapped. I have also expanded on some things not explained the books, such as Osric’s death curse and the full roster of Oberon’s 23 children.

Any plot points given in the Amber novels that occur after Corwin’s blinding should be regarded as suspicious until confirmed. Do not rely on the prophecies of Herr Zelazny, or the ability of princes to tell the truth.


  • The Hollow Crown
  • Hustle and By Any Means
  • Dune (the novel and the Lynch movie)
  • The Three Musketeers (pretty much all the versions and sequels)
  • The Sandman series
  • Historical settings (Venice and Amsterdam as masterworks of trading, London as a power divorced from the king, the Wars of the Roses)

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