Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

House Pywls


The House Politic

Pywls Family Motto: বিজ্ঞ মনের পুণ্য জ্বলন্ত কাষ্ঠখণ্ড – “Glory the firebrand of the wise mind”

The intertwined two headed sea snake has been the standard of House Pywls since the beginning of the Dragon Era. As with House Dyvd, House Pywls has seen no necessity to update or change their coat of arms over the millennia. A successful house, they take great pride in their ancient origins. House Pywls has several interests in trade alliances, many of them purchased from former House Aures over the last hundred years.

Drudwen of Pwyls - Alfre Woodard

Commote Drudwen of Pwyls

Has been head of House Pywls since the age of 21. In her 140 years, has built up significant political clout and on the face of things adopts somewhat hard-line, centralist policies, but this seems to be a position from which she capably negotiates. It is however rumoured that she has expressed private support for changes in the Act of Succession which would place her great grand-daughter second in line to the Throne. All public suggestion of this stance is, however, denied.

Dynwen rch Drudwen - Danai Gurira1

Ioan Dynwen rch Drudwen

Heir to the Commotery, Dynwen is a quiet and studious woman, known to be highly observant and very articulate. She sits somewhat in her mother’s shadow, and her presence in a room is frequently over looked until she has something of import to say. She takes her position and responsibilities very seriously. Currently she is isolated in a state of mourning for her younger daughter, Marged

Elwen rch Drudwen - alek wek

Elwen rch Drudwen

Removed from succession

Manages house trading interests, but is currently under scrutiny as her son recently participated in a failed Palace coup attempt which resulted in not only his death, but the death of his cousin, Marged and Aunt Rhedyn. She and her daughter, Esylit have been removed from the House succession as a precautionary measure, and will be isolated in a state of mourning for the coming months.

Yale ap Drudwen - armando cabral

Ioan Yale ap Drudwen

Has very little interest in House politics, and frequently makes himself scarce in the event of any family or political brouhaha. Prefers to focus on creative endeavours.

Ysbail rch Dynwen - Ajak Deng

 ioyn Ysbail rch Dynwen

Has recently taken over her mother’s role as heir to the dynasty in the wake of her sister’s death and her mother’s isolation in mourning. A very proud member of the Pywlls house, determined to do everything to uphold family honour and prestige. Slightly gungho, she probably has more in common with members of House Llew than Pywlls. Was married to Drystan ap Moire and has a daughter by him, Moins.

Marged rch Elwen - Ataui Deng

 ioyn Marged rch Dynwen


Much loved younger child of Ioan Dynwen. Recently deceased due in part to her cousin, Emyr’s actions in a failed Palace coup attempt.

Esylit rch Elwen - Grace Safo

Esylit rch Elwen

Removed from succession

Has significant trade contacts within the trade Dynasties and Guilds. Is openly distancing herself from her brother’s actions, and to allay further fears, has publicly accepted her removal from the House succession and voiced her full support for her grandmother’s actions in this case. She has currently taken over her mother’s role administering House trading interests whilst her mother is isolated in a state of mourning.

 Emyr ap Eiwen

 ioyn Emyr ap Eiwen


Was a headstrong and very vocal proponent of the Men’s Rights movement. Somewhat estranged from his mother and his sister for some years. Far more passionate than he was wise.

Rhedyn rch Deryn

 ioyn Rhedyn rch Deryn


Diplomatic Attache to the Rebman Embassy in Begma. A very cagey woman with many secrets. Her allegiance to the Crown has never been questioned, but it was always suspected that it took a back seat to her allegiance to House Pywlls.


 ioyn Folant rch Deryn

Has been absent from the House in the wake of his sister’s death, to whom he was extremely close. Folant has several anger management issues, and to avoid conflict within the house, Commote Drudwen has sent him to a silent retreat at one of the outlying holdings of the Temple of the Three. It is not known when he will return.

Moins rch Ysbail - Imani

 cadfael Moins rch Ysbail

Three years old. Fathered by Drystan ap Moire.


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