Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Artefacts, allies, shadows


You don’t have to be alone in the universe. Allies will always be there for you, even to their own detriment. The cost of an ally depends on their power level.

  • 1 point — A useful figure, well-known within their own social group, such as a popular inn-keep, a well-known priest, or a ranked member of a military group.
  • 2 points — A notable personage with a fair amount of power, men or money, such as the Captain of the Watch, the Chamberlain, a Duke, or the ruler of a Golden Circle shadow.
  • 4 points — A elder of the royal family of Amber. (Note that you may make suggestions about who this may be, but the GM has final say.)

Artefacts and Creatures

Any Amberite can simply go out into shadow and find whatever their heart desires, be it artefacts, faithful animals, or entire armies. However, until bought with points these things will, whatever quality they possess, be less effective when taken from their world of origin, and may be lost, stolen, broken, destroyed, or even co-opted and used against their owner. Things and beings are just shadow, and can be lost or replaced without effort.

Paying points for these things turns them into artefacts or creatures, powerful and eternal elements that are attached to your character’s ‘myth’. If it is somehow separated from your character, it will be a simple matter to recover it. It cannot be destroyed or easily turned against your character, and it cannot be claimed by anyone else.

  • 2 points — Dworkin Barimen created a set of tarot called the Unicorn Trumps, which depict the royal family of Oberon (including Oberon himself), plus a few key locations in Amber (the city gate, the grove of the unicorn, the docks, Baylesport, Eorthwick, Arras cathedral, and faielle-bionin). These decks are rare and coveted, but there are spares about and an elder may give you one if they like you enough. The Unicorn Trumps should be considered an artefact, linked to the Pattern itself — when a new member of the family walks the Pattern, the Unicorn Trumps will create a card for that person.

Creating creatures and artefacts is detailed in the rulebook.


Just as an Amberite can find anything they wish in shadow, they can also find any place they desire. To truly call a shadow their own, and have an measure of control over that place’s destiny, costs points.

Creating shadows is detailed in the rulebook.


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