Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

Tre-Mostyn Compound (“Rakes Wild”)

The Tre-Mostyn Compound, colloquially known locally as “Rakes Wild”, is located in the Brynmawr District, part of the Trade Borough of Rebma City. The land on which it stands was originally acquired by the Mostyns in 1350LE as a unimportant part of a trade agreement, and initially held quite a small holding that would later be demolished. In 1525LE, Gwldys of Mostyn began to explore the viability of a city based compund to expand business interest from the Mostyn’s predominantly rural areas. Several other plots of land were acquired before construction began on the Mostyn City Estate as it was dubbed, in 1721LE. It is one of the most unusual designs of Restoration Lion Era architecture, a complete departure from the architectural trends being set by Nerys rch Magranthe & Son, and their contemporaries at the time.


Designed by Eoronwy rch Taelys, a visual arts student at the Rebman Royal Academy, The estate was constructed by Adeiladwr Contructions, a predominantly industrial construction company, and was completed in 1765LE,

The building features a 85 foot (26 m) portico that serves as the visual centrepeice of the building. Eoronwy rch Taelys said that her design was intended to be ” monumental and dignified, yet graceful.” The building is framed by 63 slender quartz-faced columns. She said the porch at the main entrance would be “delicate” and “a delight to move through”. Eoronwy’s touches also included landscaping, and she claimed she was designing “a park with a building in it”.

Architecture critic Lorys rch Myllt called it at the time, “a temple to the gods of trade, built by the gods of trade and mixing luxury and high camp in way that even Princes of Amber would have appreciated.”

 Image Gallery

Front view of the portico
Front view of the portico

Face on view of the portico
Face on view of the portico

Reverse view from the southern outlook

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