Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

House Mostyn


The House Mercantile

For information on naming conventions, see Naming Conventions of the Rebman Trade Dynasties

 220px-MerchantMarkThomasHortonOfIlford Family Motto: জোয়ারের চেয়ে রাইজিং – “Rising Above the Tide”

Seat: Tre-Mostyn Compound
Rather than commission a coat of arms for the newly elevated house, Commote Kieve opted to raise the Mostyn Merchant Mark to the status of House Arms. The request has yet to be sanctioned, but is not likely to raise objections. House Mostyn’s merchant mark has not changed since Ievyn Tre Mostyn commissioned it for his Silk business in the early Lion Age.

Head of House Mostyn Queen latifa

Commote Kieve Mostyn

Fostered to the Mostyn trade Dynasty at 13 years and given over to the family accountants due to her talent in mathematics. Served her requisite year in the Guild Marshals and earned a reputation as fair but hard headed. Oversees an extremely diverse empire of trade and mercantile interests. Has a cadre of leftenants, mostly close family members, who manage designated areas of business. As with all trade dynasties, the Mostyn’s have as many clandestine income streams as legitimate ones.


Cai ap Siohana Treharris

Fostered in to the Treharris trade Dynasty at 10 to one of the lesser cousins. Heavily involved in maintenance and upkeep of artefact machinery in the weaving factories. Married in to the Mostyn family at age 26, currently administrates a number of artifact maintenance concerns within Rebma, the most prominent of which is the contract to maintain the garden terraces of The Palace Mount. A powerful conjurer.


Ninian ap Elwyn Mostyn

Oversees and manages workers concerns for those employed directly by the Dynasty and any business where the Dynasty owns more than a 75% share. Serves on the Rebman Trade Council in a similar capacity


Cariad Mostyneva rch Arwyhn

House liaison to the Rebman and Amber Trade Councils. Sits on a number of committees that oversee Dynasty expenditure on civic projects. Posesses an eidetic memory.


 Numair Mostynych ap Firyal

Head of the Rebman Stonemason’s Guild


Bran ap Jasnah Mostyn

Manages and administrates Dynasty acquisitions and assets. Perhaps one of the Mostyn leftenants most spied upon by the other trade Dynasties; has a reputation for spotting markets, items or properties with excellent potential just before they boom. No one is quite sure how he does it.


Ianto Mostynych ap Kieve

Resides in a shadow of Terra. With his twin sister, Rasha, owns a lucrative chain of nightclubs. Also rumoured to be involved in some less savoury lines of business. He travels frequently. Has some ability in sorcery.


Rasha Mostyneva rch Kieve

Resides in a shadow of Terra in the city of Chicago. She works as a Commercial Attorney, and has a number of well paying, no questions asked clients. Is a partner with her twin brother Ianto in a lucrative chain of nightclubs throughout Terra. Has some not insignificant ability in sorcery.


Lunet rch Glynnis Mostyn

The quiet one. Lunet holds a high position within the Dynasty, as evidenced by the regard that Kieve and her brothers have for her. Exactly what it is she does remains a mystery. She very rarely leaves the Dynastic compound, or has never been observed to do so. her apartments are strictly off limits to everyone. A child of a completely insignificant family with no ties to trade whatsoever. Ianto and Rasha in particular are very wary of her.


Myddrin Mostynych ap Cariad

Currently resides in Amber and works for the Amber Trade Council’s law enforcement arm. Myddrin is an exceptional conjurer, and is part of a task-force assigned to illegal artifact identification.


Anis ap Hanifah  Mostyn

Manages and administrates Dynasty concerns in a significant number of shadows. The nature of these concerns are hazy, but it is rumoured to be the Arms and Weaponry side of the business. No business is conducted directly out of Amber or Rebma, and moneys from this business are ostensibly payed back to the house in form of a tithe. Does not reside in Rebma.


Rhys Mostynych ap Dyrys

Manages and administrates the Media, Publishing and Entertainment concerns of the Dynasty


Lowri rch Gwenllian Mostyn

Works for the Rebman Metal Worker’s Guild in public relations. Is able to read people quite accurately, and is definitely the person you want in the room advising during difficult trade negotiations. Suffers somewhat from overlooked child syndrome as her twin sister, Minnah, is widely expected to be named heir to the dynasty. She often views her talents as nothing compared to that of her sister, and does herself a great disservice in doing so.


Minnah rch Gwenllian y Mostyn

Mostyn Dynasty Financial Controller. A child prodigy. Widely expected to be names as Kieve’s heir. Minnah and her twin Lowri were fostered in to the Dynasty at age 17. There was much competition between the houses to foster Minnah, and her parents saw it as a perfect opportunity to include Lowri in the “deal”. Now 25, she is the closest of Kieve’s leftenants, and manages finances for the entire Dynasty. Has significant talents in most forms of conjuration and has begun to foray in to areas of sorcery.


Eirlys rch Tirion Mostyn

Even thought she has not yet reached her majority, Eirlys is already well traveled out side of Rebma. A musician and performer, she has found great success in a number of shadows under a variety of nom de plumes. Being only 18, she is currently under the care and management of her cousin Rhys, who manages the Dynasties media, publishing and entertainment arm. She is a relative unknown in Amber and Rebma.


Yasirah rch Rhiain Mostyn

Works in contracting for the Rebman Trade Council


Hani’ah Mostyneva rch Aneira

The youngest of the immediate family, Hani’ah has no interest in trade. She is currently apprenticed to one of the smaller bespoke garment businesses in the hopes that she may grow to be interested. However, her bent is more towards religious texts and the Church of the Three.


Amsah rch Jawharah Mostyn

Amsah has a chip on her shoulder a mile wide. Fostered in to the Mostyn trade dynasty by her parents at the tender age of 7, mainly with the purpose of knocking some sense in to her. Amsah does not like Amber, and when she came of age, returned to Rebma with high expectations as to the place she could occupy in the Dynasty. She has been given management of three underperforming and small glass making concerns. Kieve’s rationale being that Amsah will either bollocks the job up completely, or actually use her head for something other than headbutting the wall, and turn businesses around.


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