Amber: Dynasty

Not quite the Wars of the Roses…

House Dyvd

Rebma geneology - Dyvd

The House Honourable

Dyvd Family Motto: অধ্যবসায়ী ও বিশ্বস্ত – “Persevering and faithful”House Dyvd’s coat of arms, the two headed seahorse, dates back to before the Interregnum, as does their family motto. Great sticklers for tradition, honouring debts, and maintaining the family line.
Glyndwr of Llew- djimon-hounsou Commote Regent Glyndwr of Llew

Glyndwr is no stranger to the concept of Regency. At the age of 18 he lost his father to a wasting disease, and care of his two younger siblings fell to him. Alun and Arianhrod still refer to him by his nickname “Tad”, which means “father”. His mother died 5 years before the current Commote of Llew reached her majority. Glyndwr served as Commote Regent of House Llew during this time.

Monogamously married to the last Commote of House Dyvd, the father of two sons; and despite his still present grief at the loss of his wife several years ago, he currently serves as Regent to her cousin and heir, Seren of Dyvd.

Seren of Dvyd - Chanel Iman1 Seren of Dvyd
Daughter of Cynfael Madoc ap Moins

Seren of Dyvd is a spirited girl interested in fighting and exploration, taking after her fiery mother in temperament. Her cousin Maelona oversees her education and she is said to be good with mathematics and languages. She has a quick and curious mind, displays great resourcefulness, cunning, and an unflinching ability to accept hard necessity. Seren is left-handed, quick, and dexterous, knows basic swordplay and how to handle knives, doubtless due to the influence of the Commote Regent’s family connections. She is extremely independent and pragmatic with very little penchant for the romantic. Excellent qualities for one asked with making her house strong again.

Goronwy ap Morwen - Omar Epps Ioan Goronwy ap Morwen

Works as a heraldic scribe under the guidance of Abades Glynele rch Llyneth at Llanthony Abbey in the Cymer district. Has a very fine hand and works on projects requiring astonishing levels of detail. Graduate of the Rebman Royal Academy of Arts, a quiet and peacable individual who find great joy in solitude and artistic work.

Terfel ap Siwan I - Dominic-Michael-Ealy Ioan Terfel ap Siwan
Son of Ioan Glyndwr ap Elunedd of Llew

Terfel ap Siwan is a writer and poet. A strange melange of good and evil, it is difficult to describe him. A mixture of affectionate sweetness and playfulness, by which it is impossible not to be attached; although he is also subject to silent rages, moody sullenness and revenge with a precocious bent for attachment and obsession. Terfel suffers from a deformity to his right foot, however the limp is not greatly conspicuous. He is athletic, being an excellent swimmer. For most of his life, he has been a vegetarian.

Grwn ap Siwan I - Duke Dadzie  Ioan Grwn ap Siwan
Son of Ioan Glyndwr ap Elunedd of Llew

A devotee of the visual and performing arts, Grwn is energetic, handsome and charming. He makes friends easily and is usually surrounded by a whole constellation of admirers of both sexes. His devotion to family, however, sets him apart from several of his relatives. His fathers’ son, he is obsessed with the notion that he will fall in love once, marry once, and raise as many children as he is blessed with. Subsequently, When he falls in love, he falls hard. He has had his heart broken more than once.

Maelona rch Esyllt - phylicia rashad  ioyn Maelona rch Esyllt

Goes by the affectionately given nickname of “Arwein”, meaning “guardian”. A steadfast, cautious, methodical, reliable and detail-oriented person without whom it is likely the House would long since have fallen apart. A devoted public servant, she sees her role in the education of the young heir as almost sacred terms of self-sacrifice and a service to others. This service is an obligation, not given freely and joyously. Whether she means to or not, she has presented herself as a model of caution, of experience hard-earned and not enjoyed. Dependable, trustworthy and accountable in shouldering her responsibilities. She maintains a monogamous marriage with her husband, despite the birth of only one son.

Medrawd ap Esyllt - Wesley Snipes ioyn Medrawd ap Esyllt
Father of Cynfael Drystan ap Moire

Handsome, clever and rich, Medrawd has dedicated his life to the embodiment of a precise and austere visual aesthetic; the principle that a peculiarly masculine elegance is best expressed by clothes cut with precision. He is witty rather than warm; sociable and attractive, without ever committing himself to relationships. The only things he is serious about – his clothes and deportment – are so self-evidently absurd that his whole life looks like an elaborate practical joke. His humour is throwaway, and he wins and loses fortunes at the gambling table with equal imperturbability, a posture that has made him, for many years, impregnable. Above all, he has the complete self-confidence that forces others to take him at his own valuation. A rigorous snob.


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